Delicious, Mouth-watering, Dazzling and Elegant...

It has been suggested that to be a good cake baker requires both the passion of a scientist on the brink of discovery and the talent of an artist to realize the splendid individuality of each concoction.

This ethic of passion and creativity is no more evident than in the bespoke creations of CakesByDesign in Aberdeen. Specializing in the creation of the delightful, delicious and discernibly special, CakesByDesign brings considerable enthusiasm and skill together to bring to the North East cakes which enchant the eye before they enthrall the taste-buds.

Depending on your style of occasion or celebration, master cake baker, Bev, will discover exactly what will best complement your aesthetic, making sure that her creation works effortlessly to take a place of pride while seamlessly integrating into the theme or tone of the event.

Tending towards the striking effectiveness of simple, elegant hues, lines and design, CakesByDesign has become well known for their ability to create both the classic and the contemporary, earning them a reputation as the premier baker of Aberdeen Wedding Cakes.

Aside from the unmatched prestige of the iconic wedding concoction, CakesByDesign has also turned their talents to brining the devilishly tasty and ingeniously crafted to Birthdays and Private Parties, Corporate Events and just about any occasion where the guests have a discerning eye, an educated palate and nothing less than the sophisticated best in couture and celebration cakes will do.

A rarity in a world of prefabricated and prepackaged disappointments, CakesByDesign uses only the highest quality, locally sourced ingredients, offering numerous delicious flavours, from the light to the wicked, combining taste with panache, as only those with earnest enthusiasm for food can do.

Whatever your occasion, from a Wedding to a Party, CakesByDesign will lend it something unique, dazzling, sophisticated and moreish.

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